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What's your excuse 你瘦不下來的藉口是什麼

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

There are so many touching stories recently.

A while ago, a 66 years old woman since her leg's condition improved. She took about three months to lose 20 kgs. There is another cool story.

A 65 years old man came today. He thanks me help him to get rids of frequently severe headache, vertigo and back pain a month ago. Last time he came to me was 107 kgs, and he weight 86 kgs this morning. Because I encourage him to do exercise to maintain health and make him capable of doing exercise, he is doing aerobic and anaerobic exercise every day.

I checked his last record was 10/9, so he took 49 days to lose 21 kgs. Wow, that's an outstanding achievement.






Heal Young Massage

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Alice Springs Remedial Massage

Heal Young Massage Lose Fat Alice Springs
Heal Young Massage Lose Fat Alice Springs

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