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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you treat kids or pregnant?
    Yes. Hill's client age range from day 1 to 97 years old. He provides treatment for kids and pregnancy massage for pregnant.
  • Do you accept private health fund?
    Yes. We accept over 30s private health funds. Please check the Accepted-Insurance page for more information. We have a HICAPS terminal, and you can claim your insurance on-site or get the invoice when HICAPS is unavailable to claim.
  • Do you provide post operative care?
    Yes. Hill provided the treatment for clients from day one after discharge from the hospital after knee replacement. The client was able to go back to sports in 3 months, and the client can still play sports without further treatment after one year. *There is no guarantee that everyone could get the same result.
  • Do you provide assessments during the remedial massage?
    Yes. Hill will starts assess your movement while you walk into the clinic, and then Hill will perform more assessments after the consultation. Check the remedial massage page for more assessment options and types of equipment.
  • What massage oil do you use?
    We use fractionated coconut oil which is odourless, easily absorbed by the skin and does not react with essential oils. We have near 100 different types of doTERRA essentials that could be used during the treatment when performing aromatherapy. Check the doTERRA page to find out all the available essential oils.
  • Is it painful during the treatment?
    Depending on the conditions, most of the time, the treatment could be a bit uncomfortable because we need to realign your muscles and fascia to make them move pain-free and within normal range. Your body and brain don't like to leave the lazy comfort zone, and discomfort starts to occur. If your body is good and healthy, you won't feel any pain during the remedial massage treatment. The pain will be managed in an acceptable range during the treatment to get the best result. If you're in excruciating pain, the treatment will aim to reduce the pain and increase the pain-free range of motion ASAP. Do no harm is essential. Working with vulnerable persons minimises discomfort during the treatment but results in extended recovery time.
  • Is it normal to feel pain after the remedial massage treatment?
    Yes, it's ordinary but not necessary. If you're new to remedial massage, the pain may last a couple of days or even a few weeks. Most of the time, it also decreases the original pain and improves the range of motion and movement stability. Our body requires inflammation signals to heal itself, like after good exercise, you might feel muscle soreness. After rest and recovery, you will feel stronger, and your muscles can work more efficient. Pain is a signal for inflammation and part of the healing process. It's normal after the remedial massage, but many clients don't experience pain after the treatment.
  • No pain, no gain? More pain, more gain?
    It would be best if you made an effort to make progress. However, you will get injured when you experience too much pain during the treatment. Balance is fundamental. Too much or too less is not ideal. Too much, your body will give up easily. Too less, your body usually likes to be lazy and doesn't want to change or improve.
  • What is Pain?
    "It's whatever the experiencing person says it is, existing whenever and wherever the person says it does." Margo McCaffery's 1968
  • Why do we experience pain in our daily life? Is it bad?
    Pain is an essential mechanism in our body. It protects us away from danger. When your hand touch a hot surface, your hand will experience hotness and pain, and your brain will control the hand away from the hot surface to prevent the hand be cooked. When your back experience pain, most of the time, the reason is something went wrong, your brain wants to protect the spine to prevent further injury. Your brain is telling you by pain signal; please don't move. Your back needs help. The nerve ending might be injured when you have an open wound injury or even a tiny cut. You will experience persistent pain because of the nerve in danger. Your brain wants you to pay attention to it to avoid further injury.
  • Do you have a booking policy or cancellation policy?
    Yes. We do. Changing your booking We know life gets in the way sometimes and are happy for you to modify your booking – we ask that you please give us 4 hours' notice. Cancellations within 4 hours will result in 50% of the booking fee. If you fail to arrive, 100% of the booking cost is payable. You can quickly reschedule or cancel your appointment 4 hours in advance from your booking confirmation. Once you've received the booking confirmation via email, you have accepted these conditions. Late arrivals You must arrive on time to enjoy the entire duration of your treatment and get the most out of your experience. We cannot extend your treatment session over the intended time if you arrive late, as we often have back-to-back bookings.
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