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Heal Young Massage

Pain or Injury?
We're here when you need us*.

*We mean you and Hill, your body unable to heal without you. Hill will guide you to heal better and feel young again.

Three Stages of Treatment

Three Stages of Treatment

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What's the difference with other remedial massage therapists at Heal Young Massage?

What's the difference?

  1. Hill has practised massage for 17 years and practised in Australia for 11 years.

  2. A remedial Massage therapist requires 40 continuing Professional Education(CPE) hours. Hill got an average of 200 CPE for the past five years.

  3. Hill has professionally trained on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, for five years, including 1.5 years of vocational training at the Massage School of Queensland as a dux. He also did 3.5 years of academic training as a pre-physiotherapist at Griffith University. He was a graduation speaker at Griffith College before Uni.

  4. Hill has invested over $200,000 in training in Australia.

  5. Hill has invested over $70,000 in training and assessing equipments for his practice.

Area of Interest: Nerve, Autoimmune, Breath, Gut Health, Walk, and Run conditions.

Hill was a very sick boy who needed to take over 100 medicine pills a day. He couldn't do any exercise before he was 16 years old. After receiving years of experiment and training, he could ride a bike and travel around Taiwan for 1,168 KM in 6.5 days. He could carry four people and swim 3 KM across Sun-Moon Lake. He could finish a 123 KM half Ironman triathlon and multiple whole distance marathon running. He also helped hundreds of people improve their running performance and challenge their first full or half marathon running. 


Hill has been interested in massage and practice since 2006 and qualified as a remedial massage therapist in 2015. Hill loves massage and thinks massage could provide heaps of benefits to promote self-healing. The human body is a fantastic self-healing machine. Every part of your body containing any living cell would heal itself every millisecond at a plodding pace. Improving blood circulation will boost the healing process. 


Three Stages of Pain

First Stage of Pain Massage therapy, therapeutic massage therapy and remedial massage therapy help improve general health. Heat and exercise are the common healthy ways to get vasodilation to improve blood circulation. Vasodilation, or the widening of blood vessels, happens naturally in your body when an increase in blood flow to tissues in your body is needed. It occurs when smooth muscles found in the walls of arteries or large veins relax, allowing the blood vessels to become more open. It leads to an increase in blood flow through your blood vessels as well as a decrease in blood pressure.  Vasodilation could also occur when inflammation arises or germs have attacked your body. The fever might kick in to maximise the blood circulation to heal your body ASAP. We don't want to use the wrong ways to improve our blood circulation. A good diet, sleep, mood, exercise, and massage are good ways to maintain general health. If you don't have the budget, you could consider learning how to self-massage or exercise online. But it could be tricky if you don't do it right or you don't know your limits, then you might be injured. It's better to be assessed by a qualified remedial massage therapist, myotherapist, physiotherapist, osteopathy, occupational therapist, or chiropractor. To figure out what self-treatment or exercise is better for you in your current condition to prevent further injury and enjoy your healthy life ASAP. Pain in the Second Stage When the problem becomes more severe on muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone. The traditional massage or the therapeutic massage (LMT, Licence massage therapist) might not be able to help you because LMT only needs to train for three months and be qualified and insured by the industry company. Or the result only lasts for a short term. Ideally, RMT (Remedial Massage Therapist) should train for 3-6 months in anatomy and physiology and learn how to evaluate the client's condition. Myotherapist should train for 3-6 months longer than RMT. The allied health professionals will need to train for 1-3 years in anatomy and physiology. Remedial Massage Therapists, Myotherapists, and Allied Health Professionals will be better options for managing complicated pain. Pain in the Third Stage If you feel excruciating all the time, it affects your daily life, and you might need to see an MD (Doctor of Medicine) or allied health professionals to diagnose your condition and seek the best solution for you. Remedial Massage therapists are not qualified to diagnose your condition. If you experience pain and stiffness in the shoulder that makes it difficult or impossible to move, we won't diagnose you as having a frozen shoulder. RMT will assess your movement and palpation to determine which muscles are not functioning and create a treatment plan to make your shoulder work again. Lower back pain could have hundreds of reasons causing the problem (there are more than 600 muscles in your body, plus ligaments, bones and pathology). Muscle compensation creates biomechanics imbalance, which changes your posture and structure. At this stage, it will be more complicated. Heal Young Massage will do its best to help your manage every stage of the pain.

Heal Young Massage could help you HEAL your myofascial and feel YOUNG again.

Hill became an Exercise Scientist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Level 2 Sports Trainer, Swimming Coach, Running Coach, Community Athletics Coach and medical team member in Commonwealth Games 2018. Hill will help you eliminate pain and improve your daily and sports performance by designing your best approach.

Heal Young Massage used to practice on the Gold Coast from 2015 to 2019. Target clients are international elite athletes to improve sports performance and the general public to manage chronic or acute pain. Heal Young Massage ranked in the top 10 among the 1,623 massage places on the Gold Coast. At the same time, Hill is full-time studying his Bachelor of Exercise Science(Pre-Physiotherapy ATAR 98) at Griffith University. Hill missed the energic place in central Australia that he visited in 2013. Alice Springs has many energy rocks that protect locals from natural disasters. Heal Young Massage relocated to Alice Springs in 2019 to offer the real and the best remedial massage. Heal Young Massage also do its best to educate people on how to become healthier. 

Heal Young Massage, aka Alice Springs Massage, NT Massage(The business number plate), Remedial Massage Me, and I Love

Fun Fact 1: Hill wrote his first computer program and helped others fix computers in 1993. Since then, he has loved technology and fixing things.

Fun Fact 2:Hill served in the airforce in 2007 for 4.5 years. Since then, he has been interested in running. He trained to run 20KM daily and started to coach people on how to run.

Fun Fact 5:Hill grouped over 400 runners, challenged Gold Coast Marathon 2018, and led over 150 volunteers promoting Taiwanese culture.

Fun Fact 3:Hill needed to do many fat-loss programs between 2013-2019. Then, he did water fasting for 20 days(484 hours without eating anything, just water) in 2019. He remained fit and healthy without fasting or fat-loss programs for over three years.

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Hill Water fasting for 20 days From Fat to Strong.jpg

Fun Fact 4:Hill helps people around Australia and a few other countries. 
Australia(VIC: Melbourne, Robinvale. | NSW: Sydney, Coffs Harbor. | QLD: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns.|WA: Perth, Rockingham, Esperance, Margret River. | ACT: Canberra. | TAS: Hobart, Launceston. | NT: Alice Springs), Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan.

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Strength By Numbers _Heal Young Massage_

Remedial Massage $130/hr

Not only Remedial Massage Hill also offer:

Weight Training focus on Muscle & Bone and Nerve, Walking & Running and Balance assessment and Training
Using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® doTERRA essential oil for what your body need.

  Hill uses the latest technology to assess your movement 200 times per second to track your result from each treatment if needed. Most of the time, you could get the improvement from one session. 

   You will also learn more about your body, how to move more efficiently, strengthen your weak muscle, activate your weak or lazy muscles, and maintain your muscle condition to prevent further injury.  

Business Hours
Monday to Saturday: 08:00 - 18:00
Sunday and Public Holiday: 09:00 - 16:00

Here is a new update from 1/7/2023

1. Online Treatment:

15-minute online treatment $50 (Require advance payment)

Online treatment will be ideal for the first approach discussing how remedial massage treatment could help your conditions or even assist you in easing pain or increasing mobility remotely. Or someone who lives remotely and needs assistance to help to alleviate pain or follow up on the correct form of rehabilitation exercises.


2. Gift card bonus

You can get a bonus gift card for more benefits for those needing regular treatment.


Deposit $500, and you will get $525 in your gift card. ($25 bonus)

Deposit $1,000, and you will get $1,100 in your gift card. ($100 bonus)

Deposit $2,000, and you will get $2,400 in your gift card. ($400 bonus)


Gift cards are no expiration day. But the bonus will expire in 1 year. Ex. A had a $2,000 gift card; after one year, the gift card still had $450, and the $400 bonus would be deducted. The gift card value will have $50 only.


3. Discount for some age groups

Younger group

Age 12-16 | 5% discount

Age 8-12 | 10% discount

Age 3-8 | 20% discount

Under 3 | 30% discount


Elder Group

Age 60-70 | 10% discount

Age 70-80 | 20% discount

Age 80-90 | 30% discount

Age 90+ | 40% discount

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