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Dream come true ~ Able to take hot bath for a 86 years old lady

It's her third treatment and training for a 86 years old lady.

She could do 10kg squat 6RM.

She could take a bath now. She couldn't do it for years because she couldn't stand up from the bath due to her weak knee.

第三次幫86歲的老奶奶治療跟訓練,現在她可以用十公斤的重量做六次深蹲了。 她今天還跟我說,她終於可以泡澡了,因為之前腳沒力,根本沒有辦法從浴缸站起來,走出浴缸,已經不知道多少年沒有辦法泡澡了。

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