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What is cupping?

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Cupping is a cup with negative pressure attach in Chinese Meridian Line, Myofascial, or discomfort area to make skin hyperemia or blood stasis. It usually burns up the oxygen with the flame in the cup or uses the suction machine to create negative pressure on the cup. Due to the negative pressure on the skin, it will create a strong force to make capillary congestion or rupture and change the skin color to become red or black.

In general, the cup is left in place for between 5 and 15 minutes. It is removed by pressing the skin alongside it to allow air to leak in and release the pressure. Sometimes, oil is applied to the skin before the cups are placed to allow the practitioner to glide the cups along meridians of the body.

The function of the cupping?

1.Promote blood circulation and boost metabolism It causes local area blood congestion, blood stasis, or vasodilation to improve blood circulation and metabolism.

2. Boost immunity Blood rupture from the cupping leads hemolysis to improve phagocytosis in immunity.

3. Improving elasticity and ROM Cupping could stretch the connective tissues and myofascial to improve elasticity and range of motion for the target areas.

4. Soothing the local area problem If you got inflammation or compression, causing muscle tissues or fascial tension, hypoxia, adhesion, or spasm. You could use cupping to improve the blood circulation of the local area to soothe the issue.

5. Pain relief The negative pressure from the cupping could pull the superficial skin and fascia to relieve the tension, which is an effective way to relieve myofascial pain symptoms. It Helps for tenderness, fatigue, muscle spasms, stiffness, difficulty falling asleep, or sleep disturbances.

Book for your cupping treatment. Hill's remedial massage treatment includes Dry Needling, TCM massage, TCM cupping, dynamic cupping, MFR, DMFR, PNF, hot stone, Kinesiology taping, reflexology, and doTERRA therapeutic grade aromatherapy.

You can choose your preferred treatment, or Hill will suggest the best approach for you after the assessment.

Heal Young Massage Cupping Alice Springs
Heal Young Massage Cupping Alice Springs

Heal Young Massage

10 Hillside Gardens, Desert Springs

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